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Product Barcode Generator - plugin you can generate barcode for your WooCommerce Site,in the premium version you can bulk print as a pdf. Barcode are generated using JavaScript.

Plugin features

  • Dynamic BarCodes generate.
  • BarCodes generate from SKU, title, ID
  • BarCodes Download and Print Option.
  • Custom BarCodes Design.
  • Bulk Print option based on category

Styling Options:

  • Barcode heigProduct
  • Barcode Color
  • font size of value

System Requirements

  • Wordpress 4.0 or Higher
  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater

Plugin Installation

Please follow the screenshots below to install the plugin

After Active the plugin , it will generate Barcode Automatically. for customization you will need to go setting page,

Print Page (Premium version)

  • Print Barcode: Click the button it will appear as a popup
  • Next Page: This is the pagination button, click the button to go to the next page. If you choose print-1 (minus one) per page, it will disappear

Setting Page

  • Barcode Color (Pro): Choose the Color of the barcode
  • Generate barcodes: Generate barcode from SKU, title or ID
  • Barcode height(Pro): Enter the barcode image height, default: 50
  • Print Per Page (Pro): Enter the barcode image Per page, This option for Barcode Bulk Print, if you display all,then input -1(minus one)
  • Category Type (Pro): Choose the Category for Bulk Print
  • Order By (Pro): Choose the Order By for Bulk Print
  • Display Product Title?: Choose the dropdown ,if want to dispay product Title
  • Product Title Color: Select the Product Title Color
  • Display Product Price?: Choose the dropdown ,if want to dispay product Price
  • Price Color: Select the Product Price Color
  • Text align (Title & Price): Choose the dropdown for text align of Title & Price
  • Hide Barcode Value?: Choose the dropdown for hide Barcode Value

How to use find Product Barcode Meta box

please follow the below stpe

Click The Product Menu> then choose a product and click Edit

Product Barcode Metabox


  • Print Barcode: Click the button it will appear as a popup
  • Download Barcode: Click the button, it will download the barcode image

Premium Vs Free Version

Barcode Color
Barcode Height

Barcode Genrate from SKU, Title or ID SKU, Title or ID
Hide Barcode Value?
Text Align (Title & Price)
Price Color
Display Product Price?
Product Title Color
Display Product Title?
Metabox Support

Bulk Print
Print based on Category